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Activities in Haarlem

Want to discover the best of Haarlem, please have a look at the most worthy activities provided by our partner Haarlem Tourist Guide.

Haarlem Tourist Guide

About the location

The hotel is located next to Central Station. The big market (shops, bars and restaurants) is as close as a 3-minute walk. You can get on a 12-minute train ride to Amsterdam and the beach is only 11 minutes away by bus and train.

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Food & Drinks

We do not serve any meals in our hotel, but we do know about good food in the area. Harlem is proud of its bars and restaurants.

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Rooms & SUites

We proudly offer 12 luxury rooms, all unique and accommodated with separated bathrooms and toilets. Our rooms are renovated in June 2019 and are equipped with free Wi-Fi, smart television and natural daylight.

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